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นี่แหละ! ฮอกไกโด


In season now! Betsukai Town’s Hokkai Shrimp

Hokkai shrimp, also known as “ruby of the sea”, come into season twice a year in Summer and Autumn. The shrimp are fished for around two weeks from the middle of June and the middle of October respectively.


What are Hokkai Shrimp?


It is said that these rare shrimp can only survive in the clean waters off the coast of Hokkaido. When boiled they become a bright red color, earning them their nickname; “ruby of the sea”. Boiled in salt these succulent shrimp are rich in flavor and make for a top-class meal!

Hokkai Shrimp- The produce of Notsuke Bay in Betsukai Town


The “utasebune” sailboats, which bring in the days catch of shrimp, are an iconic image of Betsukai Town’s Notsuke Bay area.

These iconic sailboats, which create a picturesque scene as they float upon the surface of the Odai Marsh, have been officially recognized as a Hokkaido Heritage.


Only here can you taste these fresh shrimp when they’re in season!


Why not have a taste of the seasonal Hokkai Shrimp as you take in the scenery of Odai Marsh?