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นี่แหละ! ฮอกไกโด


Daisetsuzan National Park


Japan’s largest national park and home to Mt. Asahidake, the tallest mountain in Hokkaido. These beautiful majestic mountains are also the natural habitat of a wide range of rare alpine plants which flourish during the short summer season, and animals such as the Northern Pika, a living fossil from the glacial age.

Autumn, when the brilliant changing colors of the autumn leaves will take your breath away.



In an area where all four seasons are awash with color, the beauty of the changing colors of the autumn leaves is unique. Visitors are overwhelmed by the blazing colors of the surrounding scenery, described in Japanese with the word “Kinshu” (autumn leaves as colorful as a dress brocade). There are many famous spots such as Daisetsu Kougen, buried deep in the Daisetsu National Park, and we recommend that visitors compare the scenery at several locations.


■Best time to see the autumn leaves

Mid to late September


Sounkyo Onsen


This hot spring resort is located roughly in the center of 24 km columns near the foot of the Daisetsuzan Mountain Range. With its spectacular columnar joint and mountain backdrop, this is the ultimate Japanese hot spring scenery.

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