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Before dawn on September 6th 2018, an unprecedented earthquake struck Hokkaido, causing great damage near the epicenter in Eastern Iburi region. Restoration and reconstruction efforts are still underway in the affected areas, but tourism services, such as transportation and accommodation, is completely unaffected throughout the vast majority of Hokkaido.
We encourage visitors to share stories of Hokkaido's abundant attractions on social media, and show the world that Hokkaido is as "GENKI" (well and in high spirits) as always!

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"Genki Desu! Hokkaido" Video Messages from Around Hokkaido

Watch YouTube messages from Asahikawa, Hakodate, Noboribetsu, Niseko, and Chitose, and you will see that Hokkaido's sightseeing areas are as "Genki" as always!

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Hokkaido Travel Safety Information

The latest transportation information is available on the website below.

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For Applying Companies

Regarding official announcement of subsidies for the "Hokkaido Fukko-Wari" Recovery Discount Program (Overseas)

《Subsidy Distribution Guidelines (Overseas) were revised on October 16th.》

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Guidelines, manuals, and forms are subject to revision. Before doing the procedures, please ensure that you have the latest versions.